LinkVerse vs. HAROPress

There are a lot of companies offering HARO link building services for in-house SEOs, agencies and business owners pursuing SEO strategies.

One such company is HAROPress.

Who is HAROPress?

HAROPress is an established HARO link building agency. They provide services to help clients with their SEO efforts, such as creating HARO campaigns, engaging with relevant journalists for their clients and earning links from highly-visible publications.

Like us, HAROPress works to pitch journalists in an effort to gather new links and improve SEO.

LinkVerse - HARO Link Building Service

HAROPress Pricing

HAROPress’s pricing structure is similar to ours in that they charge per link acquired rather than the number of pitches they make. They offer pricing in 3 different packages:

  • Start-Up for $900
  • Professional for $1,925
  • Enterprise for $2,500

Depending on the package you select, they will pitch journalists through HARO until they have acquired the desired number of links you want.

LinkVerse Pricing

Like HAROPress, we make our pricing straightforward and available in 3 different options:

  • 1 Link for $399
  • 3 Links for $999
  • 7 Links for $1,299

As you can see, our pricing is a little more approachable for SEOs, agencies and business owners. We don’t charge for the number of pitches, only for the links you order. And what sets us apart from HAROPress and other quote link building services is that you only pay for the links you order; we may end up landing several links as part of your campaign, but you only pay once.

Shortcomings of HAROPress

The key to being successful with HARO queries is a concise, informative pitch that truly answers a journalist’s request. These pitches have to be thoughtful and in perfect English. Unfortunately, HAROPress is based out of India and the quality of the pitches they send to journalists is subpar. This of course means fewer accepted and it can hurt the reputation of your brand to journalists and publications.

You need to be sure pitches are top-notch and well-researched by US-based writers.

Domain Authority & Relevance

HAROPress also guarantees a minimum domain authority and to their credit, will not charge you for accepted pitches that don’t meet these requirements. However, the key issue we tend to see with HAROPress is relevance. It’s important to your SEO strategy that you are earning HARO links from publications that are contextually relevant to your site.

Turnaround Time

Like any journalist link building service, HAROPress is dependent on publications to publish information and can’t guarantee an exact turnaround time. However, it’s important to not that the quality of pitches can assist with turnaround time. Low-quality journalist pitches will require more pitches and time to be successful whereas a spot-on pitch can get published much quicker.

We’re not here to claim we’re the best HARO link building service available. But we do want to make sure you know you have options when it comes to building high-quality quote links. Please contact us if you have any questions about LinkVerse vs. HAROPress.

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