How It Works

Premium Link Building for Premium SEO

Ready to start seeing links from major online publishers? The process to get started is pretty straightforward. Start by placing an order for the number of links you’re in need of. We currently offer our premium quality links in increments of 1, 3 and 7. Of course, the larger the order you place, the longer the turnaround time is as we’ll be pitching several different journalists and waiting for their publications to go live.

How Long Does it Take to Earn These Links?

In most cases, we see articles published in about 30 days from when the journalist was pitched. Some publishers take longer to publish content and others publish almost immediately. We’ll keep you in the loop either way.

What Happens If I Receive More Than I Order?

Because we pitch so many journalist inquiries (usually a minimum of 15 to earn 1 link), it’s common for us to see multiple quotes come through over time with links to your site. However, you only pay for the number of links you ordered. If you order 1 link and receive 3, you still only pay for the one link.

Do You Offer Guarantees?

Like any aspect of SEO, we cannot offer any guarantees in terms of rankings or organic traffic increase or the placements you receive.  We pitch to a wide variety of journalists and publishers representing an assortment of different websites, but we can’t guarantee placement on a specific website. We do guarantee the number of pitches we’ll make on behalf of your brand, as well as the minimum domain authority (DA) of links we’ll accept. 

What Information Do You Need to Start?

As soon as an order is placed, you’ll be redirected to an order details form where we ask for key information about your business, your role and anything else you would like us to know about your brand.  We’ll be pitching on your behalf and representing your brand in the process, so it’s important the information is complete and accurate. We also ask for a headshot and a brand logo; these assets help us secure links from publishers that prefer a visual element in their content. Lastly, to help with our pitch conversion rate, we’ll ask for an author bio and a link to social profiles (especially LinkedIn). This information helps publishers validate your identity, role and brand.

As soon as we receive the requested information, we start pitching.

Have Questions?

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