Terkel is Now Featured

Featured, initially known as Terkel, has embarked on a new journey with its recent rebranding, marked by the acquisition of the premium domain name, Featured.com. This rebranding is not just a change in name but a strategic move to redefine the platform’s identity in the digital marketing and content creation landscape. Featured’s commitment extends beyond individual experts to its publishing partners. By publishing more than 5,000 articles for brands, Featured has significantly enhanced organic search traffic and social media visibility for its publishing partners, thus creating a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit.

Platform Overview

Featured serves as a dynamic platform that bridges the gap between subject-matter experts and top-tier publishers. It’s designed to streamline the process of creating quality, ready-to-publish question-and-answer content, a niche that has seen growing demand in the content marketing world.

Impressive Growth Since Inception

Since its launch in January 2022, Featured has shown remarkable growth, a testament to its effectiveness and appeal in the market. The platform proudly hosts nearly 300,000 expert answers, collaborates with over 15,000 experts, and enjoys the patronage of more than 750 paying users. This growth is indicative of the platform’s resonance with the needs of modern marketers and publishers.

Diverse User Base

Featured’s user community is a rich tapestry of marketers from high-profile companies such as Google, American Express, Zapier, Airbnb, Fiverr, and more. This diversity not only brings a wide range of perspectives and expertise to the platform but also demonstrates its broad appeal across various industries.

Publisher Collaboration

In addition to individual experts, Featured has forged strong connections with esteemed publishers like Fast Company, American Express, and over 500 other media destinations. This extensive network benefits both the experts seeking exposure and the publishers in search of high-quality, relevant content.

Strategic Rebranding Benefits

The transition to the name Featured is a strategic decision aimed at enhancing the platform’s appeal to new publishers and boosting brand awareness in a competitive digital space. A premium .com domain adds to this strategic positioning, giving Featured a memorable and authoritative online presence.

Vision and Mission from the CEO

Brett Farmiloe, the Founder and CEO of Featured, emphasizes that the new name encapsulates the platform’s value proposition to marketers in a clear, concise manner. By securing this domain, Featured aims to broaden the horizons of accessible knowledge online, enriching the information ecosystem for all users.

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